Barre workouts mix various elements of Pilates, yoga, and functional training with ballet-inspired choreography to offer a targeted, energizing workout. Many classes utilize exercise equipment such as mini-balls as well, and just about all of them feature motivational music. Read on to find out about a few of the advantages of taking barre classes to find out why this type of workout session has been growing in popularity in recent years.

It’s Easy on Joints

Barre classes feature super-controlled movements that are easy on the joints and the spine but tough on muscles. This allows participants to build strength and improve posture without placing themselves at risk of injury.

Increased Flexibility

When performed consistently over time, barre exercise can improve range of motion through focused stretching in addition to increasing muscle strength. Improved flexibility can also help to prevent future injuries and make other forms of workouts more comfortable to perform. Since it targets muscle groups that tend to be neglected in more conventional strength training sessions, it can also help athletes improve their games in novel ways.

Lose Weight

As participants begin to improve their muscle tone, they’ll also start dropping inches off their waists. Building lean muscle mass can further facilitate weight loss by raising participants’ resting metabolic rates and helping them to maintain higher energy levels. When combined with a healthy diet, barre exercise is perfect for weight loss.

It’s Always Fun

Barre classes feature upbeat music, changing choreography, and a wide variety of exercises, which keeps these workouts fun and challenging for all participants. Plus, there will always be an inspiring instructor available to answer questions and offer guidance, so it will be easy to learn new moves and ensure continuous improvement. Put simply, it never gets boring because participants will never take exactly the same classes twice.

Quick Results

Barre classes lead to major improvement very quickly. Those who perform these targeted workouts at least two times a week often notice changes in their strength and range of motion in just one month. The first step toward learning how to do barre is to find a Fitness Center in Dedham that offers classes, so check out the website and get started today.


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